Detailed Design is a complete service based on technical documents essential for accurate project realization.

Detailed Design inludes:

  • investor’s needs, cataloguing rooms inluded in the design and general local vision,
  • design book including executive boards ( for some example boards for house/flat, see below):

A. Rooms projection in 1:50 scale:

1. Funtional space arrangement. This is room’s projection with equipment, furniture and arrangement elements included in the design,
2. Plumbing system with the description of types of water connection,
3. Boarding of electrical installation along with luminaire,
4. Boarding of fixed joinery and ceiling,
5. Boarding of wall materials along with the number of materials,
6. Boarding of floor materials along with the number of materials,
7. The selection of door framing, window sills and window description,

B. Wall expanding and kitchen projection in 1:25 scale along with materials and kitchen equipment description,

C. Wall expanding and bathroom projections in 1:25 scale along with the arrangement of ceramic elements and fixture,

D. Boarding of furniture details in 1:25 scale,

E. Wall expanding needed for project realization and other authorial arranging elements such as mantel, technical details of hidden lightning in 1:25 scale,

F. Photorealistic visualizations of final interior design that defines accurately the idea of project, its colours, materials selection and other elements of interior design. The visualizations are initially introduced in two variants enabling You to evaluate, consult with na architect and introduce possible changes. Based on this, the third and final version created meeting customer’s expectations,

G. Simplified estimated budget of finishing materials and arranging elements, furniture and luminaire needed for investement realization,

H. Shopping help – we help with choosing the materials. We also work with catalogues and material samples. We offer help in placing orders,

I. Preliminary Project of Architect’s Supervision which is a single designer’s visit on a building site making sure the investment is realized according to the project,

J. Contact with an architect via an email and telephone through the whole process of project realization,

Detailed Design service may also expand to full architect’s supervision.

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